she's a threadhead


On Friday, when I had a migraine, I was getting cabin fever sitting in the dark of my basement. I couldn’t handle being outside, I couldn’t handle looking at a computer screen, and I couldn’t handle how unproductive I was feeling. So, I seized some time in the afternoon to make a few handmade cards.


The first card was made with one of my favourite techniques. I used white crayon to write the message and washed the design with a very wet bath of watercolour paint. I love the simplicity and the beauty in designs like this one.


You may recognize the stamp used to make this second card, it is from the Yellow Owl Workshop‘s Scenic City Stamp Set. It is becoming quite handy as more of my friends are shacking up, or purchasing their first homes.

I really love sending mail, in particular cards to say thanks, congratulations, or another nice message. However, I do not love spending up to $7 on a card. These days, I simply purchase a package of blank cards and make them up myself to suit the occasion. It’s a great way to share handmade love!


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