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On Friday, I had a migraine and avoided my computer all day for both work and pleasure. On Saturday, my best friend’s grandfather drove us to our home town, and then I met up with an old Guiding friend to spend an hour and a half wandering a corn maze. Yesterday, I had the most delicious turkey and ham luncheon, with cooked cabbage, dumplings, mashed potatoes, peas, corn and squash, followed by dessert with both apple and pumpkin pies. But, before I stuffed myself to an unbearable fullness, I spent a few hours visiting my grandparent at their farm house and drinking tea.

My grandmother was born in 1938, is very aware of her experience as a “war child” and has collected quite the selection of wartime items and yesterday, as I was browsing one of her old pattern books and came across this…

Pom Pom Hat
It’s a pattern for the ever fashionable Pom Pom Hat, from a 1942 edition of the Lux Soap Flakes Knitting Book, edited by Vivian Tait. A .pdf of the pattern can be found here

I know, I know. Although I may not crochet very well, I can still tell that this hat is amazing and next Spring all the craftster girls will be rocking them to Stitch n’ Bitch.

So, why not make yourself one? And maybe make me one too??


4 Comments on “POM POM HAT”

  1. craftyOgo says:

    It is so beautiful. 1942, wow that is old.

  2. Oh I love love love this hat – it’s so cute!

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