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Untitled – E. A. Douglas, 2013

I’m not one for obscene needlepoint. It’s been pretty trendy around Toronto lately and it is certainly not my cup of tea. This piece was made upon the request of one of my roommates, and since it only took me an hour or two, I was happy to oblige… although, after having an absurd argument with a gal pal, I am feeling this piece more and more.

The best part about the whole thing was finally trying out one of the letter styles from Elsie Svenna’s Handbook of Lettering for Stitchers. The .pdf file of which is located here!

What do you think of swears and stitches?


5 Comments on “SWEAR WORDS”

  1. Ya, I could see that on someones desk. lol The words definitely speak for them self. Ha ,ha!

  2. I’m a fan, but mainly because I find a little subversion therapeutic!

    • eadouglas says:

      I find stitching to be therapeutic too, I regularly can get over a nicotine craving if I let myself sit quietly with my needlepoint.

  3. I think it getting boring and overdone, done to death, in fact – at least your stitches are neat though, so often sweary embroidery seems to be an excuse for bad workmanship as well

    • eadouglas says:

      I agree! If you’re going to push the boundaries of art (or in this case, craft) you’ve got to have top notch technique. In this case, sublime stitch work.

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