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What a crappy, grey, miserable, depressing, disappointing, exhausting day!

Between being burnt out and hung over, a gentleman who refuses to see that we’re not meant to be together, and subsequently flaking out and fighting with a friend. I’m ready to close the curtains and call today a waste. However, I’ve got to go back out into the world and fight some demons… SO, I’m trying to pull it together with an oversized mug of tea and a blog post.

I found this book at a yard sale for $1 last weekend. My grandmother had the complete set growing up and I browsed the index to make sure there would be something useful within before making the purchase.


I did end up finding something useful – check out this beautiful flower pattern!

Scan 25Scan 28Scan 29

I hope the scans are alright. Let me know if you would like me to send you the scans of this pattern. It’d be delightful for someone to use it!

Now to drink tea and read blogs. Hopefully, I’ll be a bit more perky in an hour or so.

PS: chickens in sweaters!


One Comment on “BUMMER”

  1. *Wisher* says:

    OMG.. that’s really a huge and pretty stitching chart.. 🙂
    what an awesome find.. 🙂

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