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I made falafel in the slow cooker and it was amazing!!

I wouldn’t normally get super excited about my cooking, and I do sort-of feel that slow cooking is cheating, however – this meal was life changing. I am a huge falafel fan. The chickpea’d goodness became a diet staple after moving to the city. I’ve tried to make falafel with a box mix before, and it would always be a flop. Now, that I took a chance and tried this recipe out, I am so happy. I followed the instructions exactly, except for the part about the spices – I was too cheap to buy a new set of spices, so I borrowed my new roommates, which were unlabelled. It worked out. Also, I adjusted the cook time to just under three hours. For the last forty five minutes, I propped the lid up with a wood spatula this let the falafels come to a nice brown crisp.

It was fresh and super cheap to make, served on a pita with cucumber and tzatziki dressing, you can guarantee that I will be making these again.



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