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My boyfriend and I recently decided we should try out being vegetarians.

We’ve both eaten that way before, he was vegetarian for two years in University, and I spent all four years of high school avoiding real bacon bits, fish paste in salad dressing and leather jackets while sustaining myself off of cafeteria cookies. When I was thirteen I stopped eating meat for “ethical” reasons, I walked around in a peta2 t-shirt and I covered my locker with “I am not a nugget!” stickers.

This time it isn’t about ethics. It’s about personal goals – I’m getting fat, poor and sick. I know being a vegetarian won’t make me uber skinny, or uber rich or uber healthy, but I want to progress to a way of living where I feel happy to eat what is in my fridge and delight in cooking savory scrumptious foods. Instead of feeling emotional and resorting to two junior chickens with extra sauce.

I hope to be more experimental in my food choices, and develop my taste of green things.

In celebration/a last adieu to our meat swallowing days we took the Queen streetcar out east, and had an amazing dinner at Dangerous Dan’sImage

These beef loving boys served an amazing last diner dinner. For our meat feast, Alexander had the Greek burger (tzatziki, feta cheese, tomato, onions) and I had the Mushroom & Mozzarella burger (with the works, omitting tomatoes) plus, we split a large fry and an a large ELVIS shake. God, it was so tasty.

I’m looking forward to focusing on eating better, and while Dangerous Dan’s does have degrading statements about vegetarians on the wall, they do also serve veggie burgers – so maybe we’ll head back there another day. (Or, I’ll just walk across town for that shake.)


One Comment on “GOING VEG”

  1. emsarconi says:

    I totally had those stickers. They were on my binder.

    AND for the record, Dangerous Dan’s veggie burgers are pretty delish (I’m sure not as delish as the meaty ones, but still pretty decent).

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