she's a threadhead


On Tuesday night I saw The Dark Knight Rises, and I enjoyed it. I’m not one to geek out over comic books or super hero movies, but I can’t stop thinking about it. Honestly, I had a hard time enjoying the movie at first. Maybe, I am too sensitive, or maybe, I was just in a bad headspace – but, all the pointless killing at the beginning made me quite upset. I had to walk out somewhere in the middle and recollect myself and when I went back it was much easier to enjoy the film.

This morning, all I can really think about are the actors and actresses from the film. It has such a huge reputation for being the final film in a blockbuster trilogy, yet I feel like I’ve known the cast since childhood. Let me explain.

CHRISTIAN BALE: smug, sexy-ass Bruce Wayne

ANNE HATHAWAY: slinky, smart Catwoman

JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT: insightful, up-and-coming Blake

MICHAEL CAINE: respectable, loveable Alfred


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