she's a threadhead


I am a picky, indecisive person. Anyone who has hung out with me long enough to share a meal knows this. I frequently don’t know what I want, but always know what I do not want. It makes life a bit difficult, but being picky has a few advantages. I’m not one for brand loyalty – but I know what things will bring me the most pleasure, be it chap-stick, dish detergent or toothpaste.

For this reason, I have been searching for the perfect wallet for months. A wallet, perfect for me. Over the last couple years I had been using an old cigarette case to carry my cards and cash, it was a great size and had a sweet vintage look. It was easy to keep track of as I constantly switch between purses, transferring my keys, phone and wallet in one go. Sadly, right before my birthday last December it broke into two pieces and was unceremoniously thrown out. My coins, cash and cards have been floating around loose ever since. It has been terrible. I regularly lose my debit card, or do not have the right points card on me for the right store. No longer!


I found this wallet visiting my sister in Peterborough, Ontario on Friday. We walked in the rain to the cutest vintage store, Sympathy for the Rebel. If you have ever done comparative thrift shopping between a large city and a small town you’ll know it’s easier to find nice, cheap things in a small town. This wallet is perfect for holding a couple of cards, some wads of cash and a few coins. The best part is that It was $3 and will probably last a couple of years.

If I had settled months ago on some large, fugly, designer-sale wallet I would be a lot less happy than I am now. I love being picky.


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