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Depression can be a real pain in the ass. If it’s you, your lover, or your roommate – the misery will get to you. A diagnosis for clinical depression is not mandatory. Depending on who you are, a diagnosis may help or hinder you. If you are sad all the time, if you could sleep for days, if you have no appetite but cannot stop eating, if you forget what happiness feels like, if you are unable to be aroused, if you have no logical reason for feeling how you are feeling – it’s likely you’re depressed. The real thing that matters, is understanding that DEPRESSION IS NOT YOU. You may have felt like this for a long, long time, but your life does not have to be this way. Things can be easier. Things will get better. You are strong enough. If you are persistently feeling down and it is degrading your quality of life or you are having harmful thoughts, you should speak to a doctor.

A common convention is that depression is artistic. I used to feel this way. One of the first conversations I had with a therapist was over the artistic emotional struggle, but art and creativity work together. Insight and emotion are necessary to create something new, but art is isn’t art if it is not being produced. To be an artist, you need to be productive. Something needs to be created. If your depression is hindering you from experiencing and enjoy life, then you aren’t being artistic.

I have been suffering from depression for a long time. I was diagnosis clinically in 2010, yet in retrospect I can remember feeling the same way since the beginning of grade school. As an adult, I am now attempting to manage my depression as much as possible. I use mainly natural solutions and I am seeking out cognitive behavioural therapy. It isn’t always easy, but it’s entirely worth it.


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