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The lucky thing about dating a boy who lives very-west-of-here, is that he lives very near to the thrift stores very-west-of-here. On Wednesday last week we did a little night run to Value Village.

Things I don’t love about Value Village:
– the poor air circulation seems to give me migraines
– generally, the store is picked over
– also, it can be very over priced
– also, the management are not nice people and they will tell you at the cash register that the item you are buying is “mispriced” and try and charge you more, don’t fall for it.
– rumour has it they are owned by Wal-Mart (FALSE!)
– they pretend to be a charity, but instead refuse to admit how much cash-ola they actually give to charities. The Salvation Army Thrift Store on the other hand, give 100% to charity

Things I do love about Value Village:

– they are open until nine pm
– there is a lot of stuff in that big, box-like building
– sometimes they have crazy deal days
– I’ve been shopping there since I was 13, and it’s a hard habit to kick

Last Wednesday, it was a crazy deal day and I did find some lovely treasures to bring into my life.

These two juice glasses, which are a good size and weight with a colourful design on them. They were made in Italy and only ¢ 39 each! 

A great edition of Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar which I started reading and enjoyed, but then stopped because people were concerned for my emotional health. Published by Faber Paperbacks in 1977. Sadly, the crazy deal day did not apply to books so I paid the full $2.99 for it.

Lastly I found this gorgeous black velvet dress (Disclaimer: I love black velvet dresses, this one is my fifth) which, unlike most of my other black velvet dresses is a day dress.

Image It was made in Finland and features an empire waist, with three quarter length sleeves. The hem falls right above my knees and the neck comes up to cover my chest. I am looking forward to wearing it with gray tights and warm boots as I hike to class in the Fall. 

Image The best part by far is the trim, a nice floral without being too girl. I am in love with it! With the crazy deal day this dress came  to $7.99.

It was the first time I have left a thrift store happy in a while. Have you had any great thrifty finds recently?


One Comment on “THRIFTING”

  1. love, love, love the juice glasses!

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