she's a threadhead


Recently, I have been curious about miniatures. I’ve always found small things adorable, and as I grew old disguised my desire to play with dolls as a “collection.” Several Barbies lay boxed in my parent’s basement, more my Mom’s doing then mine. Those feelings were revived when I discovered Colleen Moore‘s Fairy Castle.


This enchanting doll house of extravagant proportions, featuring miniature tapestries, murals by Walt Disney and statues that are over 4000 years old.

Later, I came across My Milk Toof, the adorable tales of two adorable milk teeth – ickle and Lardee, who delight in getting into trouble.


The models are designed, painted and photographed by Inhae Lee and they even have a book!

Most recently, I discovered the artwork of Sarah Anne Johnson, whose exhibit House on Fire is owned by the AGO. The artist uses the medium of miniatures to divulge the story of her grandmother’s tragic role in a CIA research program. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to see most of the artwork in person, but there are a few photographs from exhibition on the 5th floor of the AGO right now. (So go!)

These encounters with wee objects makes me want to explore a smaller medium. But, currently I have too many unfinished projects on the go. Maybe one day.


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